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Dealfuel.com is the house of the latest and coolest tech deals in the web world. From the parent company Hummingbird Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we inherit the knack of building a team that is not just professionally committed but also jovially creative. It is out of individual talent and collective craziness that we bring about amazing packages.

Meet the Team


Sonal is the calm captain of this boisterous ship. She understands us as well as our work perfectly. Couple that with sincerity and vision, and you have a lead setting an example for the team!


Amruta is the first person to face both – people and problems. She helps us bring in the best deals and is in-charge of the support.


Sneha is the enviable geek, who has a lot of fun instilled behind her studious glasses. A tech expert, she is our solution to every technical glitch and brain behind every design innovation.


Puja manages the club membership offers and mails and uses her charm to get more club members for us


Ravi is the subtle link between Dealfuel and the web world. Through his skillful marketing on blogs and websites, he drives potential customers to the website